Insanity is working!

I am finally fitting back into non-maternity pants!  Ok, so they are my “big” pants and I still can’t fit into some of my jeans, but I am seeing results and I definitely feel more toned.  Chris is also seeing the benefits too.  His clothing is already fitting better and people at work are mentioning that he looks slimmer.  The more we do it, the harder it gets.  I guess since we are getting better at the exercises, we are able to have better form and work harder.  We are loving it!

My friend Amber and her baby Bennett (Annabelle’s boyfriend) came over to hang out today.  Since our maternity leave overlaps, we have been getting together for weekly baby play dates :).


We ordered lunch from a local pizza place but we were behaving and didn’t get pizza.  I had turkey in a wheat wrap with multigrain pita chips.


Annabelle was really sad when it was time for them to leave.


My mom came over to hang out with us tonight.  She absolutely adores AB and never wants to put her down. For dinner, I made us Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Gnocchi with broccoli and cauliflower.

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While catching up on one of our favorite shows, Dance Moms, we may or may not have finished off this entire bag…


What do you think?

Favorite Easter candy?

See above 🙂

Favorite tv show right now?

Homeland, The Americans, Dance Moms, The Following, Hell’s Kitchen…I watch too much tv.