Getting back on track and she is fearless.

I ate ALOT during marathon training. I was also running ALOT. Now that my workouts are scaled back and I’m not running nearly as much (but having fun doing other things), I really need to get my nutrition back on track. Operation “do not eat ice cream every single night” begins now. 🙂
Yesterday, I worked from home (which is glorious) and headed to the gym during my lunch break.

My workout:

20 minutes elliptical: I varied my speed and intensity throughout and moved between levels 10 and 15. I picked up the pace at the end and did 30 seconds fast alternated with 30 seconds slow.

Circuit workout courtesy of Julie:

I changed a few things and did squats and shoulder work in place of the lunges (my knee doesn’t like lunges right now), but I loved this workout as it was quick and got the job done.

I finished off the afternoon with lunch and more work.

Omlette (2 whole eggs and 2 egg whites, kale, and cheese) with a side of strawberries

Once my workday was complete, my Dad, Annabelle, and I headed to the trail for a walk and some playground time. She is fearless on those slides (very scary for mommy!!!).

It was a great end to the day and she was so ready for bed once the sun went down. 🙂

Random pic that I LOVE.


What is your favorite way to cross train?

Do you have a nightly summertime tradition? A walk, going to the playground, eating ice cream?!?!

Enjoying every moment.

Two weeks from today will be my first day back to work…since January 11th.  I am trying to enjoy every minute of these last two weeks…I am so not ready to be away from this smiling face all day long.


We had a lazy morning just hanging out.  Annabelle is always so happy in the mornings. 🙂  Chris and AB dropped me off at yoga class and they went shopping.  I unfortunately didn’t receive any presents… For some reason, Chris sets off the alarms every time he walks into stores…it is really strange.  I drove home and he enjoyed a nap in the car…LOL.  I’m sure he is going to love this picture.


When we got home we tried taking a little nap, but Annabelle was all about laughing and playing in her rainforest.  She also enjoyed some hanging with daddy time.

005 006


I bought new Reebok’s at the outlets yesterday, so I was excited to hit the gym and try them out.  I also bought Annabelle the most adorable pair of infant Reebok’s…they are in her room and she is sleeping so I will post a picture tomorrow. 🙂


I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and 3500 meters on the rowing machine and headed home to eat dinner and rock Annabelle to sleep.  She was in her crib by 9 pm and will hopefully sleep until 5 or 6.  🙂


Tomorrow is a long run day!  My half marathon is in about 5 weeks!

What do you think?

How many pairs of running/training shoes do you have?

Are you running tomorrow?

I just do not like the treadmill.

I woke up this morning and headed straight to the gym.  I’ve found that if you wait too long, life gets in the way and it makes it harder to get there.

I wore my Pure Flows to the gym (I really wanted to run outside but I really can’t take the bitter cold and wind any longer) and planned on getting in at least 6 miles.  Let me tell you, I REALLY do not like treadmill running.  I really tried to just zone out and get it done, but I couldn’t do more than 5 miles.  Not only do I just stare at the time constantly, I feel that running on the treadmill changes my stride and I run differently than I do outside.  Either way, I could only handle 5 miles but at least I got that much in.

I walked for the first few minutes, ran at a 9:13 pace for 4 miles and ran at an 8:34 pace for the 5th mile.  I’m still working on getting my pace back.  It is harder than I thought it would be…


I also did 30 minutes on the elliptical and then did 3 rounds of this:

  • 15 pushups
  • 30 crunches
  • 15 tricep bar dips
  • 30 bicycle abs
  • 15 tricep dips
  • 30 second plank

My dad came up this evening to see Annabelle and help out.  We had a much better day than yesterday and AB took several long naps and I even took one with her.  It’s really hard to move her if she falls asleep on me :).


Annabelle was really happy to watch the Orioles win their first game of the season!  Daddy dressed her again today, but at least the O’s onsies are finally relevant.


Did you see those arm rolls?!?!

Dinner was quick and easy and from the freezer…grocery shopping needs to happen tomorrow.

005 006

I’m hoping AB sleeps well tonight because I plan on early morning yoga and some gym time.  Have a great night everyone!

BTW, do any of you watch Splash?  I find it highly entertaining.

What do you think?

Do you love or hate the treadmill?

What did you have for dinner tonight?