Chipotle Night!

Today was a normal Wednesday in the life of a working mama. I got up at 6:00 (after snoozing a few too many times), showered, and headed to my happy place before heading to work. My happy place = Starbucks. I tried the new Tiramasu Latte with nonfat milk and whipped cream. It was good, but I will probably stick to my normal choices.

After my lovely 1 1/2 hour commute, I checked my email and dug into my overnight oats. I haven’t made this in a long time and it was well overdue.


I worked for a few more hours, answered a dozen of phone calls, and got hung up on once. It was nice little morning. Around noon, Jeanette and I headed outside for a glorious 6.83 mile run. While we had to dodge some snow and ice covered roads and sidewalks, the sun was shining and the temps were balmy (30 degrees!).


Lunch was leftovers from last night’s dinner. I think it actually tasted better today than it did last night. Spoiler alert: This will be my lunch tomorrow too. I also had a Yoplait Greek Whipped Yogurt and it was a nice change from the traditional kind.



While I was slaving away at work, my mom sent me this beauty. How rude! 🙂

My afternoon snack was a banana with a side of almond butter on plates leftover from my baby shower over 2 years ago. I should really quit my day job to be a food photographer.


Dinner was you guessed, Chipotle! Ever since Chris has been off work on Wednesday nights, I’ve been picking up Chipotle for dinner. I’m always excited to eat it, but man does it feel like a rock in my stomach now.


We usually end Chipotle night with fro yo, but it’s going on 9 pm now and they close in a few minutes. Looks like I will have to settle for something from my stash while Chris and I watch some Law and Order: SUV (you Sopranos fans out there will know why we call it SUV instead of SVU). What to choose?? Red velvet oreos, white fudge oreos, Reese’s Hearts, peanut M&Ms, Hershey’s Hugs. I do have ice cream in the fridge, but that is the last thing I ate before I got sick on Saturday night and I may never eat that ice cream again.

What time did you wake up this morning?

What kind of job do you have? Customer Service, cube life, service industry?

Almond butter or peanut butter?

A great start to the new year.

Last night, I celebrated New Year’s Eve with Annabelle and my parents (Chris was working…). We did what we do best…eat! We decided on BBQ for dinner, so we ate at Famous Dave’s.

I got the burnt tips entree with mashed potatoes, broccoli, and a corn muffin.

My dad ordered dessert so my mom and I had to help him eat it. 🙂

Aren’t they cute?

The night ended with pjs and Christmas peanut m&ms. I was very happy when it hit midnight because I was so ready for bed.

This morning I slept in until 8:30 (thanks Mom)!!! I played with Annabelle and ate a quick breakfast of toast, crunchy peanut butter, and banana before I headed to a New Year’s 10k race. The race started at 11 am and there were about 145 runners.

It was an out and back course which was awesome for the first 3 miles because it was all down hill. The final 3 miles…all uphill. It was definitely challenging and I was struggling to keep pace, but I ended in 48:03 and managed to maintain a sub-8 pace. 🙂

Me and Jeanette. She rocked as well and finished right on my heels.

The best way to refuel after a race…doughnut and Starbucks!

The rest of our New Year included an early dinner at Outback…

Ice cream from Cold Stone…


And a Dance Moms marathon.


I hope you had a wonderful first day of 2014!

How did you celebrate New Years?

Do you watch Dance Moms?

When was the last time you ate ice cream?

Snow Day!

Yesterday was a relaxing day at home. Our area got enough snow for my work to close, so I spent the day home with Chris and Annabelle. I stayed in my pajamas all day long.

Breakfast: pancakes!

Productivity: I finally ordered our Christmas cards!

Lunch: the snow stopped in the afternoon and Chris went out to get Subway. I was starving and devoured it as soon as he got home.

Snack: peanut m&ms

Dinner of champions: a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios followed by a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats. The second bowl was necessary because I had milk leftover from the first bowl. 🙂

The rest of the day was spent hanging out with Molly and Annabelle. Girl LOVES the remote and she is always finding new Direct TV features that I didn’t know existed. She has also been recording random shows.

Everybody finally settled down and went to sleep at 9:30. How cute is this?

I set the DVR for the VS Fashion Show and headed to bed. It was pretty easy getting ready for bed since I never got out of my pjs. 🙂

Did you get snow yesterday?

Favorite type of m&ms?

I sweat a lot, a new favorite, and disappointment.

Yesterday’s workout was a 45 minute spin class and a 3:00 plank. I forgot to bring my towel to class and I was dripping sweat all over the place…in my eyes, on my bike, and on the floor. Gross? Yes. Should you sweat this much in spin class? Yes. Was I sweating more than most people? Yes. Did it feel awesome? Yes. Did I shower afterwards? Yes (a “I have to get back to work so I have to make this quick” shower).
My mom and I ordered new coats for Christmas and they came yesterday. Do I have a lot of coats? Yes. Can one have too many coats? No. 🙂 The coat is from Eddie Bauer and it’s super warm without being too heavy or bulky.

The hood and the FAKE fur snaps off for days when you don’t need that much coverage.

Dinner was quick and simple…vegetable lentil soup and grilled cheese with strawberry preserves.

I know it sounds a little weird, but please try it. Janae loves the combination, so I decided to give it a try and it’s amazing.
Since yesterday was National Cookie Day, we wanted to bake some cookies. I found some great recipes online and I thought I had all the ingredients at home. Severe disappointment when I realized I was missing eggs and brown sugar. 😦

Since I can’t go a day without dessert, I mixed together vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate sauce, Reddi Whip, and m&ms. It was really good. 🙂

Molly was trying to use her super puppy powers to steal it from me.

Spinning? Love or hate?

What was the best thing you ate yesterday?