Fun Things Friday!

1. It’s Friday and I’m heading to the beach this weekend. 🙂

2. I ran with a big group or work friends on Wednesday and my knee actually felt pretty good. Sooo happy about this.

(My beloved Pure Flow 2s)

3. I made a few pretty tasty dinners this week!

Rosemary and olive oil flatbread pizzas (with veggie pepperoni) and steamed zucchini

Over easy egg, waffle fries, and chicken with spinach, zucchini, and cheese

4. My dad does not drink much water…like close to none. I ordered convinced him to start drinking a big glass of water each night and he has started doing it on his own. 🙂

(He is wearing one of Chris’ hats and we were laughing at how funny he looks in it.)

5. Molly made herself very comfortable in bed last night. ❤ She uses Chris' pillow like a human!


Tell me something fun about your Friday!

Do you have a dog? Is he or she a bed hog?
Yes and yes. 🙂

Fun things Friday!

Happy Friday!!! It’s a three day weekend!!!

As always, here are some “fun” things for this wonderful Friday. 🙂

1. A new favorite snack! Belvita bars mixed into Chobani yogurt. Please try it.

2. Josh Grobin. I don’t care what anybody says, “You raise me up” is a good tune.

3. Homemade chicken salad on a pretzel roll with homemade broccoli salad on the side = awesome.

4. “Healthy” dessert. Yes, it is healthy because it’s Arctic Zero (only half of the pint which is only 75 calories), topped with chocolate sauce, light whipped cream…and two white fudge covered Oreos.

5. Snuggle time with Molly. 🙂

6. 13.5 miles with two awesome friends! This run was not easy and I wish someone would carry me to my car.

7. Love her so much. Even though she is only 1, she understands the importance of the ice cream scooper!


Tell me something fun about your day!

Thursday’s Simple Pleasures

Sometimes the little things in life are all you need. 🙂

1.  Going to a morning yoga class. I am lucky to have a husband that is perfectly happy to spend some QT with Annabelle while I go to yoga, run, bike, etc.

2.  Starbucks Venti Iced Soy Chai after yoga class.  This is just water because I drank it before taking the picture, but you get the idea. 😉


3.  Afternoon nap with Annabelle.  I’m really going to miss doing this everyday once I go back to work.


4.  Molly…she is such a sweet dog.  She sits on the ottoman and looks for her friends outside.

003 006

5.  Seeing my dad hold Annabelle.  She has him wrapped around her finger already :).


6.  Opening a few windows and letting in the fresh spring air.

7.  AB asleep in her crib and the O’s game is starting.


My mom, AB, and I are flying to Florida to visit my brother and his family tomorrow.  We are so excited!  Wish us luck for Annabelle’s first plane ride!


What do you think?

What are your simple pleasures today?

Any tips for flying with an infant?

Annabelle is 2 months old today!

The time really has flown by…

Birthday!  January 13, 2013, 6 lbs, 3 ounces

iPhone Pictures 185

One month old!  9 pounds!

iPhone Pictures 344

2 months old!  We will find out tomorrow…


She stays awake more and more each day and she smiles and giggles.  It’s amazing how quickly they grow up!

While I ate breakfast, Molly enjoyed a nap in the sun.


I ate Strawberry Frosted Mini Wheats and read Shape magazine.  You really don’t get much cereal if you actually measure out the serving size.  One serving was 25 pieces and let me tell you, there was not much in my bowl :(.


After breakfast I yelled at nicely asked Chris to wake up so that we could do Insanity.  My friend Amber and her baby boy are coming up to visit today so we had to get up and get moving.  My dad is also coming up to help spruce up our bathroom with a new mirror, towel racks, and light fixture.  I will show you the finished product soon!

iPhone Pics 22413 021

What do you think?

What is your workout for the day?


Do you measure serving sizes?

I try to…but then Chris eats off of my plate and messes it all up. 😉

8 Mile Morning!

No, I am not talking about Eminem’s 8 mile :).  This morning started bright and early with an 8 mile run with a few friends from my work running group.  The weather was great and it felt awesome to be back out there.  Since I am still getting back in shape, I took it easy with the pace.  My Brooks Pure Flow 2s are absolutely awesome and my feet feel very happy in them.  I have a nice sports bra chafe going on…I feel like a runner again!

The ladies…Erin, April (and her little guy), Me, and Gina (and her pup Lily).


Gina and Lily 🙂


After the run I went to pick AB up from mom’s house.  She was nice enough to watch her so that I could get my run on.  Look at the belly on little cupid :).

009 010

I felt the need for some Starbucks today, so my mom and I stopped and had a soy vanilla chai.  If you haven’t tried it, go do it.  You will thank me.


My friend Kirstyn, who was my college roommate, is coming over to hang out with me and Annabelle tonight.  The agenda includes dinner and lots of dessert!

Molly is feeling left out because Annabelle is in every post, so here she is playing with her new birthday toy.


What do you think?

Did you run today?  How far?

What are you having for dinner?

Maybe chinese food.

The crockpot meal that feeds 50!

The crockpot was set for 4 1/2 hours on high.  At the very end, I added some couscous to help to thicken it up a bit.  NOTE: Couscous goes a long way.  I didn’t measure how much I put in, but I think I went a little heavy with it.


Get excited Chris…we will be having this for lunch and dinner for the next 2 weeks :).  I had a bowl full along with some pita chips and guacamole for dinner tonight.  My dinner reading shopping was the title nine magazine.  It’s very similar to Athleta and has really nice clothing for the active woman…I always wait for the previous season’s items to go on sale because everything is a bit pricey.

019 017

I crave something sweet almost every night after dinner.  Tonight, I finished off the cookies and cream ice cream…I would have preferred more but this is all that I could scrape out of the container.  My Aunt Janice (who has a great website all about healthy living…check it out you will learn a lot!) gave me the great idea of eating ice cream with the smallest spoon possible because it makes it last longer…she also gave me the spoon :).


Annabelle has finally fallen asleep after being awake literally all day long…it has been a very long day.  Please cross your fingers that she sleeps for a long time tonight.  Tomorrow is a big day…Molly’s 2nd birthday!


What do you think?

Do you still shop from catalogs?

How often do you eat dessert?






Welcome!…and a baby always needs new clothing.

Hi Everyone!  Thanks for reading my first post!  I will be talking about my day to day life of being a mommy, running, eating, and sleeping (very little) while I enjoy the rest of my maternity leave.  I will also be posting some “Getting to know me” posts to talk about the past big events in my life.

Since I have not been officially given the OK to exercise yet (my 6 week appointment is on Thursday), I took Molly for a walk this morning for some exercise.  She is not really the best walker because she needs to sniff EVERYTHING and she doesn’t understand the concept of loose leash walking.  We walked for about a half hour and I was happy to get moving for a little while.  When we got inside I did a few pushups and sit ups…I cannot wait to start running this weekend!

iPhone Pics 22413 019

I finally made breakfast around 11:30 (once my husband Chris finally got out of bed).  Stuffed french toast was on the menu this morning.  This french toast is extremely easy to make…take two pieces of bread and put whatever you would like inside and dip the bread in the egg mixture and cook!  I use a panini maker to cook my french toast and it makes it super easy.

iPhone Pics 22413 013

iPhone Pics 22413 014

Chris’ dad, sister, and niece came to visit a little while later.  Annabelle is always happy to have visitors hold her while she sleeps :).  Once they left, we decided to head to Old Navy and Kohls.  I heard that Old Navy was having a Kids and Baby sale so I wanted to check it out.  I bought AB a sun hat, onsie, jean shorts, and a top from Old Navy and an Easter dress from Kohls.  I also bought myself some workout clothing from Old Navy and I cannot wait to try them out!



On the way home we stopped at Sons of Sicily for pizza.  My side of the pizza was healthy because it was covered with spinach and mushrooms ;).  AB started getting  upset so I only had time to eat two pieces…thanks for the help with portion control!  Giant is right next to the pizza place and I may or may not have sent Chris to get some cookies and cream ice cream.


Now to watch the Oscars!

What do you like on your pizza?

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Do you watch the Oscars?