North Carolina, BFFs, and Banana Cream Pie

Last Saturday morning, Annabelle and I flew to North Carolina to visit my BFFs in North Carolina.

Annabelle behaved pretty well on the flight and she had so much fun playing with her seat mate (a nice preschool teacher who got stuck in the middle seat next to us).

Once we arrived, Lauren was nice enough to make a quick stop at Starbucks because I was a walking zombie. I enjoyed an ICED soy vanilla macchiato because it was sunny and in the 70s. It was glorious.

Since it was close to lunch time by the time we got to Lauren’s house, we ate lunch and then headed out to enjoy the weather. We took a nice long walk and made a stop at the playground. I’m not sure how Annabelle felt about the swing, but she was super sleepy so maybe that’s why she doesn’t look thrilled.


Lauren really enjoyed her swinging experience. 🙂


By the time we walked home, AB was out cold.

Lauren and I sat on the porch and talked while eating animal crackers until she woke up. It was really nice to sit and catch up :-).

The rest of the night was spent hanging out…

…and eating ice cream and banana cream pie while watching White House Down (yes, Channing Tatum is amazing). This pie is from Harris Teeter and it is AMAZING. I don’t even like banana flavored things and I am in love with this pie.


Sunday was another fun day!

Breakfast: eggs with ham, red peppers, and cheese with hash browns on the side.

Workout: 7 mile run on a local trail. Lauren, Rob, Mason, and AB went for a walk while I ran :-).

Lunch: grilled chicken, sun dried tomato, and cheese panini with pasta salad on the side.

Dessert (before dinner): we drove to NC State to get ice cream from their creamery. I got cookies and cream and campfire delight…campfire delight = amazing.


BFFs: Mason and Annabelle are great friends. She kept kissing him over and over again. 🙂

Steelers fan? No way! 😉

We headed home on Monday morning and we were sad to go.

Thanks for a great weekend Lauren and Rob! We’ll be back soon!
Where did you go on your last vacation?

Banana cream pie? Yay or nay?


Yesterday’s run was pretty awesome. I warmed up for about 2 miles and then went hard for 4 miles. Take a look at mile 5…6:59! That’s a first for me :-).

Running agenda for this weekend…long slow run.

Lunch was the Mayan Harvest Bake Kashi meal. It has sweet potatoes and plantains, so what’s not to like? I know this will come as a shock to you, but dinner was Subway! I bought a footlong and ate half for dinner and saved the rest for lunch today. I’m starting to feel like Jarred.


This afternoon, I am flying to North Carolina to visit my BFF Lauren! I haven’t seen her since March and I can’t wait to spend the weekend with her and her husband Rob. PS he is my number one fan. 🙂

Yup, this is me and Lauren in our Halloween costumes, probably about to go trick or treating, probably in high school… Just in case you were wondering, the cat was added at a later date.

Here is another old school picture for your Friday morning.

That’s me of course (great shot of Lauren in the background)…I had one of those jaw adjusters and if made a HUGE gap in my two front teeth. Needless to say, 7th grade was an awkward year. I’ll give you one guess as to what that strap hanging from my butt is…

So we are only going for the weekend, but packing for a baby is not easy! I brought everything I thought we would need and it looks like we are going on a week long trip.

The night concluded with compression socks, cookies, and a Ravens game slaughter. 😦

This work day should be super fun. I was only in bed for 5 hours and Annabelle was up 3 times. A large coffee is in my future.

Happy Friday!

What are your weekend plans?