10 miles of ice skating

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great start to your week! Since I had off for MLK day, I started the day with a 10 mile run with my running friends from work. I love these people. 🙂

We ran/ice skated for 10 miles on the NCR Trail. This trail, which is usually a compacted gravel trail, was covered in ice. We had to run on the grassy areas on the sides of the trail and definitely had to pay attention to our footing. Due to the conditions, we had to run pretty slow in parts, but we did have a few miles where we could pick up the pace a little. It was a great run with great company. 😊

I refueled with a spinach and cheese omlette with an English muffin on the side.

A little while later, I did this 8 minute abs video that Janae always talks about. It was really good!

The rest of the day was spent relaxing on the couch with my favorite little girl…

…and shopping for the world’s strangest and largest sweet potato.

Now that Annabelle is in bed, I’m watching The Bachelor. I’m not usually one to watch this show, but I just kind of fell upon it last week and it stuck. Oh yeah, I might also eat some cookies. 😄

What was your workout today? Was it a good one?

Do you watch The Bachelor? Would you ever want to be on a show like this??

Getting back on track and she is fearless.

I ate ALOT during marathon training. I was also running ALOT. Now that my workouts are scaled back and I’m not running nearly as much (but having fun doing other things), I really need to get my nutrition back on track. Operation “do not eat ice cream every single night” begins now. 🙂
Yesterday, I worked from home (which is glorious) and headed to the gym during my lunch break.

My workout:

20 minutes elliptical: I varied my speed and intensity throughout and moved between levels 10 and 15. I picked up the pace at the end and did 30 seconds fast alternated with 30 seconds slow.

Circuit workout courtesy of Julie:

I changed a few things and did squats and shoulder work in place of the lunges (my knee doesn’t like lunges right now), but I loved this workout as it was quick and got the job done.

I finished off the afternoon with lunch and more work.

Omlette (2 whole eggs and 2 egg whites, kale, and cheese) with a side of strawberries

Once my workday was complete, my Dad, Annabelle, and I headed to the trail for a walk and some playground time. She is fearless on those slides (very scary for mommy!!!).

It was a great end to the day and she was so ready for bed once the sun went down. 🙂

Random pic that I LOVE.


What is your favorite way to cross train?

Do you have a nightly summertime tradition? A walk, going to the playground, eating ice cream?!?!

INSANITY and a dinner date

Before Chris and I did the first DVD for Insanity, we had to fuel up with some breakfast.  We each had half of an omlette ( 2 eggs and one egg white) and a banana chocolate chip protein muffin from Trader Joe’s.  I also had some of the “Very Green” juice smoothie but Chris wanted no part of this.

003 001 002


On the infomercials they always show the before and after pictures…so here are our before pictures!  One of us is more excited than the other 🙂

005 006

The first workout for INSANITY was Cardio Plyometrics.


The warmup was a bunch of cardio moves to get the heart pumping.   We did high knees, the Heisman (kind of like jumping from side to side on one foot), butt kicks, jumping jacks, etc.  After the warmup we did about 6 minutes of stretching…and then the insanity started.  The rest of the workout was circuits of about 5 exercises that we repeated about 5 times per circuit.  We then did each circuit 3 times.  We were given a short water break between each circuit and believe me, we needed that break to catch our breath.  The entire workout was 40 minutes in length and it was very challenging.  It’s great because both Chris and I have plenty of room to do it at the same time and no equipment is needed.  We were nice and sweaty at the end!


A little while later it was time for lunch and I made chili lime turkey burgers on whole wheat hamburger buns.  We had pita chips and “less guilt” guacamole on the side.  The guacamole is made with greek yogurt to make it healthier and it tastes really good.


For dinner, we met our friends Dave and Melissa at Jesse Wong’s.  Please note:  Chris is not asleep and Dave is not wearing a wig.  He actually has very nice hair that belongs to him :).

019 020

I ordered the seaweed salad to start and the honey sesame chicken as my entree.  The chicken was very good and the sauce was not too heavy.  I loved that the broccoli was super green and not overcooked.  Chris went the sushi route and had the Baltimore Roll, Spider Roll, and Spicy California Roll.

012 014 015

Great company and great food!  Annabelle had a great time too 🙂


Big day tomorrow!  Run with my buddy Frank, 2nd day of Insanity with Chris, and a get together with a bunch of great friends in the afternoon!