If it wasn’t for the camera on my phone…

…I would have no idea what I did or ate yesterday. I don’t know about you guys, but with so much going on I find it hard to remember the minor details day to day. Thank goodness for smartphones with cameras that allow me to share all of my very exciting activities with you all. 🙂

Chris and I decided to take Annabelle to a bounce house on Monday. What’s a bounce house? It’s a huge room with about 8 huge bounce houses in it. AB was a little hesitant at first and she didn’t like the constant humming sound from the air keeping the houses blown up, but she started having fun in no time.



On Monday evening, I hit the dreadmill treadmill for a 6 mile tempo run.

1 mile warm up – 8:35 pace
2 miles – 7:35 pace
2 miles – 7:24 pace
1 mile – 8:35 pace

While I can’t say it felt good, I am happy to have done it. I sure hope I have some speed for this marathon coming up in a week…eek!

Am I the only one who sweats like crazy and likes to remove all sweaty clothing before leaving the gym?

Don’t worry, I wore sweats home. 🙂

Wednesday was another run day. Jeanette and I went out for a lunch time run (it was FREEZING) and ended up with a nice progression run.

I had to make a very important decision yesterday afternoon. Donut or granola bar???

I did end up choosing the granola bar, but I took that donut home with me…and ate it at 9 pm while watching Red Band Society. 🙂 I did eat a nice healthy dinner first.

Speaking of dessert, I really want to have this when we go to Florida next month. Mom and Dad, please take note. 🙂

Tonight’s dessert looks gross, but it was delicious…one container of chocolate pudding, some redi whip, and two crushed Oreos. Stir and eat.

I am now trying to drink lots of water and talk myself into taking a 5:30 am yoga class tomorrow morning. Who wants to join me???

How many pictures do you have on your phone? Umm, I had 2,000 at one point.

Favorite donut?

Planking…in the workplace.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about eating healthy in the workplace. Yesterday afternoon, I decided that we need to not only eat healthy but BE healthy in the workplace. The solution…planking. My coworkers and I (ok, I’m still getting people on board) decided that afternoon planking would be a great way to get the blood flowing and increase productivity. At 3:00 pm, Jay and I planked for 2:00 minutes. I was in my cube and he borrowed my neighbor’s cube.

At 4 pm, we held our planks for 2:15 seconds. Today’s goal is to get a few more coworkers on board for a 30 day challenge. 🙂
Other highlights of the day:

A nice progression run (11 miles is on the schedule for today) 🙂

I signed up for a Turkey Trot! Andrea promised me that Starbucks Christmas coffees will follow the race, so that’s def an added bonus.

Annabelle loves to play with our TV remote, so Chris bought her a play one and she LOVES it.

After AB went to sleep, I was a party animal. Hot chocolate, candy, compression socks, and foam rolling.


Are you the crazy workout person in your office or workplace? I’m soooo that person.
What are your weekend plans????

I ran on the treadmill and I didn’t hate it.

Yesterday was a strange day. I went into work for 4 hours, signed my furlough papers, and left work with no idea of when I would go back. Anybody else floating in this same boat?

After my short work day, I met my Mom and my Aunt for lunch. We ate at Michael’s Cafe and had a great time talking and enjoying each other’s company. I had a turkey burger with sweet potato fries and it was so good.

My mom and I decided to hit the gym around 7:30 and I did a 6 mile progression run on the treadmill. I used to hate the treadmill, but it wasn’t so bad last night. 🙂

Mile 1 8:31
Mile 2 8:13
Mile 3 8:01
Mile 4 7:54
Mile 5 7:47
Mile 6 7:35

6 mile progression run = fro yo!

Treadmill runner or outside runner?