5 ways to eat healthy in the workplace.

I ALWAYS feel better when I eat healthy. Don’t get me wrong, I fully enjoy my desserts, but I usually eat healthy meals and I prefer to eat healthier foods. The following tips will help you eat healthy and be healthy in the workplace. Let’s face it, we are going to need all the help we can get with the holidays fast approaching. 🙂

5 Ways to Eat Healthy in the Workplace

1. Grocery shop! In order to have healthy foods to take to work, you need to hit the grocery store and buy everything you will need to pack healthy breakfast and lunch items. I tend to eat many of the same things from week to week, so I always have a plan an know what I need to buy ahead of time. TIP: Don’t go grocery shopping hungry!

2. Keep a healthy food stash. It is so important to have healthy meals and snacks close by. You don’t want to be caught NEEDING an afternoon snack and the only thing available is the cake sitting on the conference table. If you have healthy options available, it will be easy to make good food choices and you will feel better for it.


3. Pack your lunch (and breakfast if you are an early bird)! It may be time consuming, but preparing your lunch and breakfast the night before is so important. At times, it will take me a good half hour to cut my veggies, prepare my salad, get my fruit washed, and get everything packed and ready for the morning. I know that it will not get done if I wait until the morning and I am always super happy to have all of my healthy food ready and available throughout my work day. PS I love my salad bowl from Tupperware because it makes packing a salad super easy.


4. Drink lots and lots of water! I always start my day by drinking a full bottle on my drive into work and I try to refill my bottle at least 4 times throughout the day. Not only does water help your body function, it can help you stay full longer…and avoid that cake that’s calling your name.

5. Get active during your lunch break! I am very lucky that my work place has a gym on campus. The gym offers plenty of group exercise classes per day and this makes it super easy to fit in a workout. Almost everyday during my lunch break, I hit the gym for a class or head out for a run with my running buddies. If your work place doesn’t have a gym, head outside for a walk with coworkers, walk around the complex indoors, or use the stairs to get to the top floor of your building. I always find that I have more energy (and make better food choices) after a lunchtime workout. 🙂


Do you pack a lunch or go out to eat?
Morning, mid day, or evening workout?

Running in the Heat

After a great 4 hours and 45 minutes of sleep last night, I woke up bright and early and headed to Bikram. I don’t know if it’s because of the temps outside, but the room was HOT today. The teacher usually opens the door to let in some air, but no such luck this morning.


I decided to brave the heat once again and went out for a run during my lunch. I enjoyed struggled through 3.8 sweaty miles with an average 7:55 pace.

Mile 1 – 7:57
Mile 2 – 8:07 (hilly)
Mile 3 – 7:47
Mile .8 – I have no clue.


Even though I can’t say it’s easy, I am pretty excited that I have been running a consistent 8 min pace (or below) lately. I need to put another race on the calendar…

Check out this article from active.com. It has great tips for surviving runs and races in the summer heat. Some of my favorite tips:

1. Acclimate – ease into running in hot temps and let your body get used to it

2. Run early – if possible, run early in the day so you miss the midday an afternoon sun and heat

3. Run a circle or out and back route – stash water, Gatorade, gels, etc. and you will can replenish when needed

Are you a hot weather or cold weather running person?

Any tips for running in hot weather?


I realized that I still had a leftover waffle in the fridge this morning, so I topped it with peanut butter and maple syrup.  If you haven’t tried the PB and maple syrup combination, you are missing out.


After breakfast, we did Insanity (Cardio Plyometrics) and I felt we were especially sweaty today.  This is Annabelle hoping that her daddy doesn’t pass out.


Since I was super sweaty already and I felt energized, I put in this oldey but goody.  Billy Blanks knows his kickboxing.  I only got half way through before AB lost patience and needed to fill her belly.


After the workout I made a smoothie with vanilla greek yogurt, frozen strawberries, and milk.  For some reason it did not taste very good and I only drank a little bit.



  • Make it a routine!  Once you get in the habit of doing it everyday, you will not want to miss it.
  • Workout at the best time of day for your body.  If you are a morning person and you like to get it done first thing, workout first thing in the morning.  If you are more motivated at the end of the day, hit the gym after work.
  • Workout with a friend.  If somebody else is counting on you to make a workout, you will be less likely to cancel.
  • Set a goal.  If you have something special coming up (wedding, vacation, reunion, etc.), make it a goal to lose a few pounds or tone up so you can buy a new dress or bathing suit.
  • Do not weigh yourself everyday.  Your body weight fluctuates from day to day and you will get frustrated if you see your weight going up and down on a daily basis.  Stick to getting on the scale once a week.
  • Make it fun!  Try new workouts and new activities to keep things from getting boring.  Take a zumba or yoga class, try rock climbing, go for a hike, or play some tennis and get out of the normal gym routine.

Annabelle is lacking motivation…and she is self conscious about her stomach hanging over her tutu :).


What do you think?

How do you stay motivated to work out?