All or nothing. 

I’m an all or nothing type of person. I’m specifically like this when it comes to food and exercise. For example, if I’m on a good exercise regimine and start eating super healthy, I tend to not eat enough for my activity and go a little over board with being “healthy”.  On the other hand, on days where I don’t exercise and eat poorly, I tend to just keep eating because “the day is shot anyway…”  

Today was a prime example…

Breakfast:  Think Thin Lean Protein Bar and coffee

Lunch:  chicken, broccoli, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, and green peppers. 

Snack:  dark chocolate covered goji and acai berries (small package)

Dinner:  black bean burger with sour cream and salsa and sweet potato fries

PAUSE. I should have stopped there and went to bed. BUT, since I only took a short yoga class today (hip/glute is on the mend), why not just dive head first into dessert and never stop. 

Dessert:  chocolate cake with ice cream, lots of skinny popcorn, and more ice cream. Not pictured…thank goodness. 

Now I’m sitting here feeling very full and very gross.  The only thing I can do is move on and start over tomorrow.  Here’s to a healthier tomorrow!                                                                 ——————————————————-

Now that I’ve shared way too much (and ate too much), here are pictures of the best part of my day. 

Annabelle’s first baby ballerina class!  She was not a happy dancer and didn’t want to leave mommy’s side. She finally opened up at the end of class, so maybe next week will be better!


After dance class, Annabelle “helped” me foam roll. ☺️

I hope you made better food choices than I did tonight!  

What did you have for dinner?  Dessert?


Yay, we made it to the weekend! Here’s a bunch of randomness from my day…you’re welcome. 🙂

10 mile run during my lunch break

Awesome pre-run breakfast…wheat toast with almond butter and sliced banana. I ate this amount times 2.

My coworkers, Alex and Kelly, are trying to get back on track with diet and exercise. Kelly, who gained the Furlough Five, did her “Girls Next Door” workout video 3 times this week and yoga once this week. Alex went to the gym 3 times this week and he was feeling his leg workout from yesterday today. Way to go guys!

I am so excited for tonight. Annabelle is putting on her costume for the first time and we are going trick or treating at a local mall. Don’t worry, I’ll take a ton of pictures.

Leave some encouraging words for Alex and Kelly!

Booty shaking club music.

I’m having one of those days…feeling a little off and trying to sort out some things. One thing that always helps to get me through is working out…to booty shaking club music.

I woke up at the butt crack of dawn and went to yoga. Every morning I contemplate getting back into bed, but I always feel great driving to work after a great sweat session.

At lunch I took a spin class and it was full of booty shaking club music. Now, I don’t really like going to clubs, but when Flo Rida or 50 cent come on, I can’t help but smile and start grooving. Today’s play list even included some Will Smith “Get Jiggy With It”. Anybody else miss Will Smith as a rapper? 🙂

It was a great class with lots of jumps and intervals…and sweat in my eyeballs. PS I haven’t been running outside during lunch because it’s 150 degrees here.

Tonight I’m spending time with my mom and Annabelle…and watching Big Brother! Chris has pretended to not like the show the past few years, but he has been staying up and watching BB after dark.

How do you cheer yourself up if you are in a funk?
Any BB fans?

Annabelle thinks 9 pm is party time.

Annabelle at 9 pm tonight…

I am more than ready for bed, so please send some sleepy baby happy thoughts my way. 🙂

The past two days have been pretty boring normal…

6.75 miles on Monday
5.6 miles on Tuesday

Both runs averaged around an 8:15 pace and considering we run at noon in extreme heat and humidity…I’ll take it!



Pretzel roll sandwich and broccoli salad =heaven.

6 am on Tuesday

I hadn’t been to yoga in almost a week and it felt awesome.

Her new trick…


Sharing daddy’s pillow…don’t worry this was just a fun picture and she wasn’t really sleeping there.


One of our children caused this mess…who do you think it was? Molly or Annabelle?


A relaxing morning and my new favorite snack

Most mornings I wake up at 4:45 and rush to get ready, pump, and get myself and all of my crap luggage into the car and make it to yoga for a 6 am class…and it takes me about a half hour to get there. I’m stressing out just writing about it!

I had planned on doing my usual routine this morning, but I decided to hit snooze and I got up when AB woke up around 6:30. I fed her and we snuggled for a little while and it was the perfect way to spend a dreary morning.

I finally left the house and made a quick stop to make my morning even better.

During lunch, I enjoyed a sweaty but easy paced 6 miles. It felt really good to just run and not worry about time or pace :-).

The only thing that gets me through the afternoon at work is snack time. I really liked today’s snack.

Bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and almond butter. Yum! I’m really sorry it looks gross in the picture…it was the opposite of gross.


Since I am always thinking about food, I cannot wait to get home for ice cream cake a healthy dinner!

What did you snack on today?

Bouncing, Laughing, and Sleeping for 11 hours

Annabelle absolutely loves her new toy. Thanks for the present Grandses! FYI that is my mom’s version of grandma.

After bouncing and laughing the evening away, Annabelle crashed and she slept until about 9 a.m. I got up at 4:45 for yoga and in no way benefited from this, but Chris got to enjoy a morning of sleeping in! If only she would do this on a weekend…

Today’s workouts:


-cybex elliptical for 30 minutes

-recumbent bike while using weights for 15 minutes (shoulder presses, bicep curls, tricep extensions)


Now for my PSA of the day…PLEASE do not leave your dog in the car!

It’s around 90 degrees today and Chris saw a dog in the Walmart parking lot in a car with no windows open. We took action and the owner came out to his vehicle, but seriously…what was he thinking?

On a happy note, here is a picture of Molly. She had been so good adjusting to not being an only child ;-).


A $44 bra and we have a roller!

I have yet to witness this, but Annabelle can now roll from her back to her stomach! Chris said that he put her down on her back on her play mat and then she was on her stomach on the carpet! She is growing up way too fast…


Since Chris spends all day with her, he considers himself a #1 Dad. Yes, he bought this for himself.


Yesterday’s workouts:

1. 3.5 mile run and 10 minutes on the elliptical: I ran at lunch time and it was very warm and humid. I only did a few miles to see how everything was feeling. I have a half on Saturday and I’m praying that nothing major starts hurting. This has happened way too often :-(.

2. Bikram yoga class: It was an awesome sweaty class but I forgot to bring anything to wear. Skipping class was not an option, so I found a pair of capris in my car and bought a bra from the studio. Yup, $44 later and I was the proud owner of a new one-shoulder blue yoga top. I usually wear my running sports bras so this one (which is made for yoga and would not be good for high impact activities) made me feel very stylish and professional.

It looks really similar to this one.


Molly is feeling a little left out since AB gets pictures posted everyday. Here you go Molly…She was a sleepy pup after playing outside in the heat.


What’s your workout today?
Anybody racing this weekend?

Lazy Sunday Morning

Ahh, we went to sleep at 10 last night and slept until 8 with only one small interruption. It felt amazing.

I planned on going to yoga this morning, but AB fell asleep on me and I just couldn’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be.


You know she is in a deep sleep when she has her mouth open :-).

I plan to go for a run once she wakes up. I am really hoping everything will feel great and I will be good to go for next weekend’s race. After my run, I’m thinking pancakes must happen.

The fun continues this afternoon…BBQ at Nick and Kim’s house :-).


How are you enjoying the long weekend?

New workout schedule and fingers crossed.

I’ve been back to work for a week and a half now. All in all, it has gone pretty well but it is definitely an adjustment. I would love to go back to hanging out with these two all day.


Now that I don’t have time to workout all dayduring the day, I am lucky enough to be able to squeeze in a workout during lunch at work.

Some people would use this shelf for work related items…I use it for my workout/running accessories.


FYI – I keep the crutch handy because I usually need it every couple of months :-(. It also doubles as a great place to hang things. Thanks Marissa!

My work has a nice and affordable gym for the employees. While I prefer to be out running with my running peeps, I do often stay inside and cross train or take classes. I’m looking forward to Body Pump at noon today. If you haven’t taken body pump (ever or it’s just been a while), go do it. I’ve been back at it for two weeks now and I can definitely see more definition in my arms and legs.


Thankfully, I have also been able to keep up with yoga at least a few times a week. However, I am struggling with feeling guilty about not going straight home after work. I miss Annabelle and I can’t wait to get home to her, but I know that I need to exercise and keep my mind and body healthy in order to be a good mom. No worries, this will no longer be an issue when I win the gazillion dollar power ball :-).

So about a week and a half ago, I went for a glorious #runfree4me run and ran for about an hour. I felt pretty good but felt some tightness in my left cheek…butt cheek. A little later in the evening, it was really painful and I had to modify the way I walked. I could squat and move in other ways just fine, but the walking/running movement was so painful. I’ve been resting it ever since (no running), and it feels a lot better. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will be all better by the Zooma Annapolis Half on June 1st.

Double fingers crossed…


What do you think?

Do you ever feel workout guilt?

Any races coming up?

Weekend fun…and the worst Sunday night blues.

Yes, this is old news…but I am playing catch up this week :).


FRIDAY was a great day!

Morning yoga class.

Lunch date with Chris and Annabelle.  We went to a local restaurant called Juliana’s in the Village.  From their website:  Juliana’s in the Village is a grass-roots,  neighborhood restaurant emphasizing meats, dairy, and seasonal produce from local family-owned farms. We believe it is important to be confident in the source of our food to ensure the highest quality, freshness, and safety for our community.

001 003

Chris ordered the Spicy Baked Tomato Soup and the Fried Oyster and Shrimp Po Boy.  He said everything was excellent…and let me tell you, his fries smelled amazing!


I ordered the soup and salad combo.  The salad was a mixture of bib lettuce, carrots, red pepper, mushrooms, red onion, green olives, and balsamic dressing.  It was sooo good and so fresh.  My soup was creamy chicken topped with a black pepper biscuit.  I could have eaten 5 more of those biscuits.


We loved this place so much, we went back for breakfast on Sunday!  This was my personal french press :).


Dinner date with my mom.  My mom and I ate dinner at a local Italian restaurant that has great pizza.  Afterwards, we just hung out at her house and played with Annabelle.  I can just sit and stare at her for hours :).




An hour technology free fun run.  Check out Olive’s #Runfree4me Challenge!


My Uncle Bob and Aunt Louise came to see Annabelle for the first time.  They would have come sooner, but they have been hanging out in Florida since she was born.




I took a 3 hour uninterrupted nap.  I’m really glad I did this…I’ve been getting around 5 hours of sleep per night since returning to work.  😦

Sad ride home.  Since Chris was away on Sunday and Monday, AB spent the night at my parent’s house.  As soon as I left I broke down and cried most of the way home.  Sometimes you just need to cry…right girls?

Sunday night blues.  Anybody that has had to go to work or school on a Monday has felt the Sunday night blues at some point.  After 3 1/2 months of maternity leave, this Sunday was particularly blue.

Monday ended up being a pretty good day and I was happy to see all of my work buddies again.  However, it is now Thursday and I am ready to go back on leave. 🙂

Welcome back note from my cube mate Kelly and Starbucks from my coworker Scott.


Annabelle and Channing Tatum got me through the work week.



What do you think?

Are you a nap taker?

How do you fight off the Sunday night blues?